Who we are

The only international association that brings together 12,000 JCI Senators living in 38 European countries.

What we do

We promote friendship among JCI Senators, maintain the contacts between us, help create national groups, provide support to LOMs and NOMs whenever it is sought and encourage greater participation of members in the activities of the association. Each year, we also have programmes to demonstrate that our network is a wealth, that Senate can be an opportunity to be active and that ASE can bring an added value to our members. 

Latest information
Welcome to the new ASE website!

The waiting time is over: All our members have received a welcome e-mail and access data for the members area, where you will find the online member directory, among other information. If you have not received an email even though you filled out a membership application for the ASE after 1 September 2023 and sent it to the ASE, please get in touch using the contact form in the footer of the website.

If you are a JCI senator and not yet a member, but would like to join the ASE, click on "Members" above and then on "Membership Application". Please fill out the membership application completely and then click on "Continue for verification" at the bottom left. You will then receive an e-mail in which you must confirm your e-mail address and your membership again within 7 days. Then you are also a member.

"ASE Online Membership Directory" project team

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Herbert Ewers / 08.04.2024