ASE Digital Chat : People's Lives: Drug Wars at the 17.04.2024

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Our guest speaker in our series of ‘People’s Lives’ in April will be Neil Woods talking about ‘Drug Wars’. Neil should have been our guest speaker In January but due to illness he couldn’t join us. Here’s another chance to hear about how he faced danger and extreme difficulty in his job on a daily basis:- 

For 14 years Neil Woods risked his life and limb as a drug squad police officer posing undercover as a heroin and crack addict, dressing in scruffy charity shop clothes to look the part. A risky thing to do without training but quickly became streetwise and mastered the infiltration well, without being detected, although he had a few narrow misses and almost lost his life a few times.

We will hear how he had a new cover story each time he went to a new city and how the gangs were jittery to someone new who appeared on their scene. But gangs did respond to others street drug addicts with escalating violence and intimidation to control them. Neil will tell us how he had to adapt and what the war on drugs involved, with no holds barred to what he experienced. 

Hear how he put dealers away in for over 1,000 years in prison sentences, and only disrupted the heroin supply for just two hours!

His story is gripping and one not to be missed. Now he advocates legalising drugs and we will hear why. Switzerland has done that so great success and other countries are considering the same policy.

Neil's story is compelling and a must to listen to.

Join us on Wednesday 17 April at: 6.00pm GMT for UK attendees / 7.00pm CET for European attendees

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