Crayfish Conference from 09.08.2024 till 11.08.2024 (= 3 Days)

Halmstad / Sweden
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09.08.2024 - 11.08.2024 (= 3 Days)

JCI Halmstad is organizing the JCI International Crayfish Conference for the 67th consecutive year in 2024. That makes it the longest-running JCI project arranged by a local chapter.

Over the years, the JCI International Crayfish Conference has been held in various venues around Halmstad, welcoming a number of JCI members and Senators from around the world. What has not changed, however, is the event’s focus on fun & friendship  – an opportunity to meet, learn and grow within JCI.

JCI Halmstad are proud to welcome about 100 JCI members and Senators to Halmstad each year to experience traditional Swedish festivities, great fun, and some of the best locations that the Swedish west coast has to offer.

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