ASE European Academy Bursaries


History of ASE & JCI European Academy

The ASE has supported future JCI leaders to attend JCI European Academy (EA) in an ad hoc way in the past with us providing grants to delegates in various years.
The latest of these was in 2023 when at short notice we found out that some countries had not registered any delegates and that help was needed. The 2022/23 ASE Board approved a budget for supporting 3 delegates and Rıza Kadılar #59038, a past JCI European Academy head trainer, very generously offered to support a 4th delegate.
With the assistance of Jeanett B. Jørgensen #65728, JCI European Academy Director 2023, we sought applicants from the countries that were not going to be represented and received two applicants from Bulgaria and Serbia. After reviewing their applications, we granted them 600 euros each to cover the registration fee however one applicant almost did not attend because they could not afford the travel cost to get to Gothenburg (Göteborg) so again we assisted – this time with advice on ways the travel cost could be reduced.
Because time was short and no other new delegates could be accommodated on the course, with the assistance of Jeanette again, we opened the process up to all of the delegates.
Many delegates are supported by their own Chapters and also some of the more established National JCI organisations and some National Senate Organisations support delegates from their countries. Some employers also provide support to their employees to attend as they recognise that it is valuable training for their professional life as well as their Jaycee career.
However out of the 87 delegates we received applications from 18 more registered delegates who felt they needed support and did not have any other kind of support. This proved that there is still a large need for support in addition to what is already being provided from various sources and this is particularly true in the younger JCI countries where salaries are often a lot less.
The ASE awarding panel had a difficult job and, in the end, granted support of 300 euros each to 4 of the additional applicants.
All the recipients of ASE support have to provide the ASE with a personal report (minimum 800 words and pictures), reporting what they learned and how the added value of attending the Academy will benefit their LOMS when they are president before the bursary was paid to them. These will be published in various ASE communications.
From our experience of awarding 6 bursaries to attend the 2023 JCI European Academy the ASE will refine the Bursary process for the 2024 and beyond.
I am also pleased to say that Riza has agreed to project manage our 2024 ASE European Academy Bursary project with the aim of supporting many more delegates than the 3 we have budgeted for and to make sure that the project can be sustained for many years to come.
Peter Browning

The 2023 bursaries were awarded to:

  • Adéla Kristýna Vaňková – Czech Republic
  • Adam Penčev – Czech Republic
  • Damjan Anđelković  Serbia
  • Ivona Petkova – Bulgaria
  • Sergiu Liogchii – Moldova
  • Name withheld – Romania

ASE European Academy Bursaries

The ASE is establishing a fund to provide bursaries for future Local JCI Presidents and we would like you to consider contributing to this fund.

The ASE has supported the excellent JCI European Academy intermittently over the years and we want to make this a regular way of supporting the Development of JCI in Europe by providing Bursaries to future leaders of JCI Local Organizations that need it every year.
Viktor Ómarsson #73511, the 2023 JCI President, who is a great advocate of the JCI European Academy, was sponsored by Mike Ashton #11913 to attend when he was a young member and look at what it did for him!
While many future JCI Local Presidents can pay for themselves or get support locally there are many other potential JCI Leaders you need to support. This is particularly the case in the newer countries in the JCI family where they do not have the same local support and attending JCI European Academy in Gothenburg can represent one or even two months’ salary for them.
JCI needs many more Viktors and while the ASE has allocated about 60% of its current budget to supporting bursaries that only enables us to help 3 individuals next time, so please consider helping to provide several more ASE European Academy Bursaries.
As we did this year, we will be working with the JCI European Academy team to make sure that the ASE Bursaries are awarded in the way that will provide most benefit to the development of JCI in Europe.
If you would like to find out more about the JCI European Academy this is the link to their site

Peter Browning

ASE European Academy Bursaries

How to support the ASE European Academy Bursaries

We are still working on the best way to receive donations/sponsorship for the fund and how to manage the fund and this section will be updated shortly.
In the interim please contact Dr Rıza Kadılar #59038 for more information or to indicate that you would like to support this initiative.


Not all sponsors wish to be recognised publicly but those that do for 2023/24 are:

  • Rıza Kadılar #59038
  • Ugur Aladinler #81120