JCI Foundation

More than 50 years ago, the JCI Foundation was established to empower JCI members and friends to financially invest in the future of JCI. Since it began, the JCI Foundation has raised more than US $8 million to support specific efforts contributing to growth and development, leadership development, training and Local or National Organization extension. The JCI Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization in the United States.

Magnify impact

The JCI Foundation magnifies the impact of each donation by accruing interest that is then used to fund initiatives that build a better future.

Build new skills & leaders

JCI members never stop learning. The JCI Foundation financially supports programs that build capacity and create new skills for future leaders of JCI.

Create a strong future

The JCI Foundation offers development grants to JCI’s nearly 120 National Organizations to support and empower local members to increase their impact.

Why invest in the JCI Foundation?

Contributing to this fund gives you the opportunity to actively support JCI organizations and initiatives around the world. The JCI Foundation empowers JCI members to turn their goals into a reality while creating sustainable change. Your contributions will support initiatives such as leadership training, membership recruitment, infrastructure, local and national events and skills development.

A contribution to the JCI Foundation is an investment in the future. JCI members who donate US $100 or more to the JCI Foundation are recognized with one of several levels. Your donations add up over time, so little by little, you can achieve the highest level. Help sustain JCI’s legacy by contributing today.

JCI National Organizations and Area associations can apply for development grants from the JCI Foundation to help fund initiatives such as leadership training, membership recruitment, infrastructure and local and national events. Contributions to the JCI Foundation allow JCI members at the local level turn their organizational goals into reality.