What is a JCI Senatorship?

A Senatorship is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a member of the Junior Chamber International Organisation. It is a unique way to pay tribute to an individual for his or her dedication and outstanding service on a either a local, national or international level. It confers “lifetime membership” of Junior Chamber International (JCI) upon the recipient. It is a highly respected and prestigious honour.

Philip Pugsley conceived the idea of the Senatorship as a distinct honour by which to recognize achievements of outstanding members, while also enabling them to retain contact with the organization for life. Through his efforts, the JCI Senate was formed in 1952 at the 7th JCI World Congress in Melbourne, Australia.  He became Senator 2 (each Senator has a unique number – Senator 1 was awarded posthumously to Joaquin V. Gonzalez from the Philippines. JCI’s first voluntary secretary general, Joaquin was killed in a plane crash while en route from a national convention).

Enjoying life membership, JCI Senators have with an enduring link to the Junior Chamber organisation and all of its members worldwide. In granting honorary life membership, the Senate has forged a critical link between present and past members.

Give a Senatorship

If there is an exceptional JCI member in your Local Organization, honor them with a JCI Senatorship. JCI Senatorships are a great way to show outstanding members their value to the organization. Complete the simple application process to recognize a JCI Senator in your Local Organization today. The JCI Senate is an honor that lasts a lifetime.

Upon approval, JCI Senators receive a senate number, a personalized certificate, a membership card, a JCI Senate pin and additional programming options at JCI Events.


JCI Senatorships are available for both current and past members. Any current JCI member who has served the JCI organization, at any level, for at least three years may be eligible for a JCI Senatorship. Past JCI members who served the JCI organization, at any level, for at least three years are also eligible with written approval from their JCI Local and National Organizations.

Application Process

The application can only be approved by the Local President, State President (if applicable) and National President of which the applicant is a member. The President can only accept applications that meet the required approval as listed above. No other approval will be accepted. A contribution of US $300 must be made by the sponsoring JCI Local or National Organization prior to or upon request of the approval by the JCI President.


How unique is it?

In 2022 the worldwide Senate organisation celebrated its 70th anniversary having awarded about 81,000 Senatorships all around the world over this period. Therefore about 1200 Senatorships are awarded worldwide each year (current worldwide membership is around 200,000). So it is a very unique honour to be awarded a Senatorship.

Who may be awarded a Senatorship?

A Senatorship may be awarded to a current or past member for his or her outstanding commitment and contributions at any and all levels of the organization. To qualify, an individual must have been a Junior Chamber member for at least five (5) years.

Applications are subject to the written approval of the local Chamber, their Region and the JCI national president.

Founding a Movement

By the age of 18, Henry Giessenbier Jr. formed the Herculaneum Dance Club, a social outlet for the community’s youth. Unknown at the time, Giessenbier was laying the foundation for what would become a global movement. On October 13, 1915, the first JCI Movement was founded when 32 men joined to form the Young Men’s Progressive Association (YMPCA) at the Mission Inn located in their hometown of St. Louis, USA.