ASE Wild Rover

Do you fancy doing a Grand Slam?

Well the ASE has a European version for Senators!

The ASE board had been thinking about how to get more Senators to visit JCI and Senate events in other countries. This was when Christof #71312 driving back from the ESGC in Mont Garni, and inspired by the JCI Germany Grand Slam, came up with the idea of ASE Wild Rover.


What are the rules?

If you want to join the JCI Senate team of Wild Rovers and receive your unique pin & certificate, all you have to do is attend at least 4 qualifying events in 4 different ASE regions of Europe between EC23 and EC24.

Events in your home country will not count however qualifying events you have attended since the wonderful European Conference in Bucharest will all count.

How can I register?

Just send an email to Christof at with your name, senator number, country and a photo of your tickets from the conferences and events you have attended since EC23 in the different regions. Some photos of you enjoying the event would be good too😉

We are looking forward to present all of you who reach the goal with your pin and certificate in Oulu during EC24.

If you would like to know more please contact Christof Wirtz #71312 or Peter Browning #49104